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I’m available now for freelance and consulting projects in a variety of fields, including podcast production, vocal performance, social media management, writing, editing, and graphic design. I also offer website hosting, design, and development, and email marketing expertise.

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Selected credits:

Apex Magazine: Producer & narrator
Bossy Britches: Producer & co-host
The Televoid: Guest & noted 80s “expert”

Title card for 'Another Day in Seething Bay'Another Day in Seething Bay
Interactive fiction | Twine

It’s only Monday. What ever went wrong on a Monday?

Try your hand at this choose-your-own-adventure inspired story set on the Moon.

Play here »
Play at Sub-Q Magazine »

Recaps & Reviews
The Televixen: Galavant, Into the Badlands, Fear the Walking Dead
Luna Station Quarterly: “Beyond the Binary System” – short SFF review column

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