State of the Writing: January 2015

I wrote things in January, mostly reviews and my weekly column, Going for the Goldblum, on Pop Culture Crazy. Plus, I plugged away at a little bit of original fiction, mostly short stories. One written last year was rejected in January with a very nice note by Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine, so out it goes again to somewhere else. I sent out a few other pieces and am hoping to hear back on one of them this week. Fingers crossed! I don’t mind the rejections. Some offer great feedback on what might not be working in the story, but I’d like an acceptance at some point. Obviously!

(Not writing, but writing-adjacent: I also produced my first podcast episode for Apex Magazine, a short story by Ursula Vernon​ called Pocosin! The second podcast episode will be out later this week.)

Book reviews:

Movie reviews:

Television reviews:

Going for the Goldblum:

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