Phone anxiety but you want to be heard? Try this.

With Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland for SCOTUS today, I think it’s important to call the Senate Judiciary Committee to remind them, as Twitter puts it, to #DoYourJob. To let the vacancy remain open until after next February would be an egregious breach of their duty to their constituents and the nation.

Unfortunately, I didn’t write out what I wanted to say before a staffer answered the phone. Something resembling words came out of my mouth, but they weren’t all that coherent.

If you think that might happen to you, feel free to use this, which resembles what I wanted to say:

Hi, I’m calling to ask the committee to do its job and work with President Obama to confirm his Supreme Court nominee.

For what it’s worth, the staffer who answered my call said three things (“Good afternoon, Senate Judiciary Committee,” “thank you, I will pass the message on,” and “have a good afternoon.”) and no more. They did not ask for my name or number or constituency, and the whole call took 32 seconds according to my phone log.

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