A Week Of Ferguson

I’ve been following the events in Ferguson on Twitter and Tumblr over the past week. It’s horrifying. It’s not the slightest bit unprecedented, which makes it and the shocked reactions to it even more horrifying.

Schools are closed all week in Ferguson and surrounding communities. There are kids who depend on those school meals. You can help make up some of the lack by donating to the St Louis Area Foodbank.

Some resources I’ve found helpful and edifying this week:

On Twitter, some of the most comprehensive reporting I’ve seen has come from @WesleyLowery, @JakeTapper, @RyanJReilly, and @ArgusRadio.

The Power of Magical Thinking

In class this summer, I’m writing the first, terrible draft of a novel. The plan was for a gritty murder mystery; it turns more toward a light-hearted and gentle story with every link I follow from Twitter or Tumblr, especially this week.

For class, our prof asked us to do some magical thinking: specifically to put ourselves on The New York Times Best Sellers list. I figured, why not go for number one with a bullet? If I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming big.

A Fictional Fiction List
Look at that debut!

There’s No In-Between

Describing how Robin Williams was a part of the landscape of your life is almost impossible, isn’t it? He was everywhere. Hilarious, heartbreaking, so talented it’s a fucking tragedy we ever spent any time not appreciating him. It’s strange to say, but I’m looking forward to seeing what other people remember him for, for the things I never considered and finding work I somehow missed. It sucks it’s going to be for this reason. I’m so sorry for him and for his family and friends that it’s going to be for this reason.

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More Pencils, More Books, More Dirty Looks?

Earlier this year, I finally sucked it up and enrolled in college again.

The last time I was in school was in 2007 or so. After many years of stop-and-start enrollment, I was mostly spinning my wheels. My major had changed several times. And, of course, I didn’t actually know what I wanted to do for a living at all. Working retail forever wasn’t it, so the first step was the jump to working in an office while going to school part-time.

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