Secret project no more

Little bit of a peek today on Twitter and Tumblr, but here’s the formal announcement: 

Introducing Bossy Britches! It’s a new weekly podcast I’m doing with Julia duMais, in which we talk pop culture–everything from books and TV to movies and sports. Plus video games! Fandom! Feminism! History!

Our first proper episode is a look at the first half-season of Outlander, in which we touch on related subjects as wide-ranging as Doctor Who, New Criticism, and sexposition.

Coming up in future episodes: The Roosevelts, How to Get Away with Murder, Gone Girl, Gracepoint, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Plus, you know, everything else. (Have suggestions? YES PLEASE.)

New episodes are going up every Thursday, starting this week.

So, please, if you’re so inclined:

Quick hits: In the land of the super detective…

It’s the new fall TV season! New shows! Returning favorites! So many reminder emails from so I can fret about whether the DVR is set correctly (and has accounted for football game overruns! Damn you, CBS!)!

Okay, that definitely exceeds my exclamation point quota for the week. Point is: yay TV!

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Going for the Goldblum

Get excited, everybody! I’ve got a new project coming up on Pop Culture Crazy in a few weeks: Going for the Goldblum!

It’s been difficult to choose what to highlight. Jeff Goldblum’s career is in its fortieth year. But, obviously, we’ll hit the big titles—your Jurassic Parks, your The Flys, your Transylvania 6-5000s…

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The Reaper, continued

For the second week of this don’t-finish-the-story flash fiction project, Chuck Wendig’s got us doing the middle section, based on the first 500 words someone else wrote. I picked this story up from JD Stoffel, The Reaper’s Eschaton. My part picks up after the — below. I didn’t want to stop!

(Don’t forget to check out Josh Loomis’ awesome continuation of Fee!)

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Strange things are afoot

Some cool things this week:

  • I’m recording a guest spot on The Televoid tonight! More details later, but if you remember what I lost in a bet to Kacey Bange after the Super Bowl (HASHTAG KACEYWHY), you’re already prepped for the horrors to come what’s about to ensue.
  • Speaking of Kacey, in the next couple of weeks I’ll be launching a weekly column on her Pop Culture Crazy blog: Going for the Goldblum. Yep, that guy.
  • I wrote a thing for one of the Flash Fiction challenges at Terrible Minds this week: Fee. Anybody else interested in jumping in? You write 500 words but don’t end the story, then link it in Chuck Wendig’s post so someone else can finish it for you next week. (Promised myself I wouldn’t look for stories to finish until after the weekend, but…)
  • I’m officially launching this fancy new blog. Hello, Twitter!