Hello? Is This the Captain You’re Looking For?

Originally published in Infinite Unknowns for Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014

If I were to say “Captain James T. Kirk” to you, what’s the first thing to pop in your head? Is it Shatner—or Pine, if you must, though most of what follows doesn’t apply to his turn as Kirk—with that green (yellow!) tunic, those smart black trousers, that rakish grin?

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True Detective: Vanishing Point

Reflecting on True Detective’s first season

Spoilers ahoy.

I’m tired today.

I stayed up too late last night to watch the first season finale of True Detective, the lush, loquacious portrait of Southern decay that held me in thrall all weekend, racing to catch up to the zeitgeist, if not the killer(s). I’m no stranger to late nights—nor to the toll of an extended media binge—but the seemingly endless spin of the HBO Go loading wheel (and the horrified contortions of my face once the show began) were more tiring than I had expected.

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