Hugo Awards eligibility & endorsements

I think I’m technically eligible for the following Hugo Awards, though I have zero illusions about winding up on a ballot. There are so many great people out here doing killer work while I flail away on the sidelines.

Best Fan Writer for Twitter/Tumblr/this haphazard blog (especially the Galavant reviews) and the recaps/reviews I do for The Televixen (Into the Badlands & Fear the Walking Dead) (I think?)

Best Fancast for Bossy Britches

Best Related Work for this overinvested and extremely swear-y defense of Jupiter Ascending. (Haha, “best” related work; I just want people to see me get defensive about space opera.)

More importantly! Here are a few of the things I’m endorsing for Hugos this year, most of which are on my nomination form:

Best Novel

Best Short Form Editor: There are tons of eligible and worthy short form editors who put together phenomenal work in 2015, but these are the two magazines I will drop everything to read when a new issue comes out. I believe these magazines are also both eligible for Best Semiprozine.

Best Short Story: This isn’t even a fraction of what I’m considering for my final nominations. If you’re looking to fill out a few spots and for Campbell Award nominees, make sure you get a copy of Up and Coming before it and the nominations window are gone!

Best Novelette: I don’t read much that qualifies for novella or novelette, but these were recent recommendations from others that melted my face off.

Best Pro/Fan Artist: Way too many to list!! 2015hugoart on Tumblr is collecting a bunch of them so you can look for yourself.

Some people are saying that Hamilton is eligible for Best Related Work so that’s on my list too and only kind of because it is the FANDOM THAT ATE FANDOM.

Campbell Award: Again way too many to list so this is only those I would personally nominate this year. For the full list of eligible writers, head over to Writertopia.

  • Lisa Bolekaja: works – Second year
  • Margaret Dunlap: works – Second year
  • Chikodili Emelumadu: works – Second year
  • Annalee Flower Horne: works – Second year
  • SL Huang: works – Second year
  • Alyssa Wong: works – Second year
  • Isabel Yap: works – Second year
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