Kicking 2015 out the door

It’s a little awkward to return to your blog just to wrap up the year in terms of all the things you could have written here but did elsewhere instead. But here we are! I keep wanting to say that 2015 was the year of starting to get serious about my writing, but that’s not true. This was the year I stopped letting fears of rejection and vulnerability stop me from submitting it to places where people would judge it.

The big news is that I earned my BA in English Literature and New Media this summer from Marylhurst University! Now I am qualified to complain about the job market in an entirely new way :) The experience was wonderful. It’s a very low residency online degree program — two weekends in Portland over the course of a two-year program. I had enough credits coming in to complete the program in a little over a year. It was tough to do with a full-time job and writing on the side, but totally worth every bit of stress along the way. If you’re looking to complete or start an online degree, you should definitely look at Marylhurst (which does not kick me back in any way)!

Speaking of new media, Bossy Britches is still going, though we’re on a hiatus right now. Our first anniversary was in September! We had our first contest — winner will be announced in our next episode — and started the Harry Potter Book Club, which will continue in 2016 and probably beyond given our pace to date.

This weekend I’m putting the final touches on the next Apex Magazine podcast, which marks my first full year as its producer! Not only do I get to experience a great new story each month, I get to try to interpret it as a spoken piece. Still smack in the learning curve on it, but it gives me great insights into both writing and reading as well as performing.

I had my first reprint this year on Bitch Flicks! It was a post I published here about the first season of True Detective and the scourge of sexualized violence and women in television: Reflecting on True Detective’s First Season, a thread that’s tied together so much of my critical thinking and writing this year that it’s become a major theme in my fiction as well. It even got two dudes commenting to tell me “then don’t watch” and “you’re reading it wrong,” so I consider this one a win all the way around.

Earlier this year I started reviewing short fiction for Luna Station Quarterly with a focus on cis/trans women and genderqueer authors of science fiction and fantasy: Beyond the Binary System. I found some wonderful new-to-me writers through that, and am always looking for more (HINT HINT POINT ME AT YOUR FAVES).

The Televixen brought me on this year as a recapper for Fear the Walking Dead and Into the Badlands! In the new year I’ll be covering the triumphant return of Galavant, starting with a recap of the first season that I should probably finish writing.

As part of my coursework for the ELNM degree, I wrote a piece of interactive fiction, which you can play here on my site: Another Day in Seething Bay. It was so much fun to do that I’m working on another using a different game engine for my first game jam on in January.

I’m still chasing the publication dream for my fiction writing, still racking up those rejections. No physical spike to jab them on, just a Duotrope account and a color-coded spreadsheet. A few of the stories were short-listed but ultimately turned down (with one still pending!), which is the nicest kind of disappointment. One of the stories I’ve had out the longest has gotten some wonderful personal rejections with feedback and encouragement. The non-publication goal for this year was to turn a story back out as soon as it got a rejection, and the biggest lapse I recorded on that front was a story I decided to rework entirely which is still in edits. Everything else was submitted to a new market within a day or two of getting a rejection.

Most of my writing and energy in the last ten years has been devoted to fandom, which I’ve drifted away from in the past few years. I made a concerted effort to engage more this year, which petered out a couple of times, but then Star Wars. That’s probably all that needs said, right? I’m excited about the whole universe of that story in a way I haven’t been in a while. But as rewarding as fandom has been for me, I’m hoping to channel some of that excitement into more critical writing — and a short story or two.

On the whole, 2015 was a better year for writing and creative output than I thought when first sitting down to summarize the highlights! I’m not a big resolutions kind of person, but I’ll be trying some new things in the new year. Who knows, maybe remembering to post here will be one of them!

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