Another Day in Seething Bay

Officially opening up a new section on the site today: Games! Games written by me!

Title card for 'Another Day in Seething Bay'First (and only) link over there so far is a short interactive fiction game I wrote earlier this year: Another Day in Seething Bay

You’re an office worker named Adanna, who’s going about a totally normal workday on the moon in which nothing at all catastrophic could possibly happen and whose future is 100% completely rosy. Really, nothing to worry about. All your decisions are the right ones!

Except: nope. There’s only one not-unhappy ending in this story. Can you get the good one? Play now »

Writing and programming the game was a fantastic experience. (Choosing where to set your future lunar colony suburbs, transportation, and “old town” is even better, btw.) If you have any interest in creating your own narrative games, I highly recommend Twine. Coding knowledge isn’t necessary; the framework outputs a complete file for you and the interface is mostly WYSIWYG. But if you know HTML, CSS, and/or Javascript, you can do a lot more.

Special thanks to Trevor Dodge, who let me get my sci-fi nerd on for class, and my beta testers: John Vekar, Matt Maynard, Julie Shininger, Bri, and Jess.

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